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So I was waiting for the delayed Reitaisai to take place on May 8th, the demo for the new Touhou suddenly popped out. At least it was sudden for me. Let’s see what it has for us!

Firstly the gameplay became a bit simpler compared to UFO’s. Which I must say I don’t mind at all, as fun as it was at first, it became as annoying later on to maneuver through the bulletspam and catch just the right UFO in time. The only thing I’d like to mention is the trance mode, which we can enter by collecting enough orbs OR we automatically go trance when we get hit. Why not spam some hardcore danmakus before we let out our final breath huh? So far I like it. The normal mode is much easier than usually, but hard mode gave me quite the challenge, and have to see the killer stages.

Now the game itself.

There are four playable characters this time around, Reimu, Marisa, Sanae and Youmu. Have to say I love (playing with) Youmu. So glad she became a playable character at least.

The game’s theme is obviously what’s beyond the grave, as the name “Shinreibyou – Divine-Spirits’ Mausoleum of the East” indicates.

Stage 1: There’s no real midboss here, just some kind of a nameless ghost/orb/whatever. And as for the boss…it’s Yuyuko-sama! I was quite surprised, though that wasn’t the last time while playing the demo. Good to see her appear, even if just as a stage 1 boss. Stage BGM is called Shiryou no Yozakura (Yozakura of the dead), quite calm, and fitting for the underground, that’s all. The boss theme (Ghost Read) is a bit ominous, but I didn’t like it in particular.

Stage 2: There’s a fresh new girl who we have to face both as the midboss and the boss; she’s called Kasodani Kyouko. She has a very cute design, (liked her fluffy ears, though I can’t figure out what animal or whatever it belongs to). She seems to be set on sweeping the dust from eyesight. Stage BGM is Youkai tera he youkoso! (Welcome to the youkai temple!) it’s playful and has an underwordly feel to it. The boss theme (Youkai girl at the gate) is the most “badass” boss theme as far as the demo goes. I liked it.

Stage 3: Here was another surprise, Kogasa Tatara as the midboss! (she finally managed to surprise someone, I guess). Though have to say I couldn’t make out why she was here in the first place. (Sanae beat her to death? Naw, not likely). The BGM has the same feeling as Stage 1’s, but it’s has a strong traditional-japanese sound. I liked it the most among the stage themes. And then there’s our boss, Miyako Yoshika. She’s a zombie, we could expect one to appear, but I liked it. A cute zombie girl doing the zombie pose! Oh, she also regenerates by her wisps, so going for spellcard bonus can be a pain in the ass. Her theme is Rigid Paradise, it really feels like we’re being invited to a mausoleum, my favorite theme of the demo by far.

That’s it so far, I hope we’ll be seeing the full game in the next Comiket as planned, it’s a very fun Touhou to play, and my guess is that the girls appearing later on will be fucking badass.


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Here’s an alternate version of Madoka’s OP I liked in particular, with Flandre as Madoka. Hope you guys enjoy it.

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A new Touhou game was finally announced, named “Ten Desires”.  The confirmed playable characters are Reimu, Marisa, Sanae, and for my biggest surprise, Youmu! It’s good to see her back.

It seems that some spirits called “Divine Spirits” are up to no good in Gensokyou, Reimu and company decides to investigate.

A demo version will be out on the next Reitaisai (13th of March, befitting for the 13th Tohou game).

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Well some may have noticed that I didn’t write all that often as of late, almost as if I didn’t have access to internet. Oh, but wait, that’s what actually happened. Let’s say it’s not healthy not to pay the bills, neither it is for your electricity nor for your net connection.  But I found a way to still be able to play,  but not to having net access. So I Capitalism, ho’d quite a lot! And stuff!

In the meantime it seems the world didn’t stop entirely, so summer and fall anime season eventually came, and Saimoe Tournament happened. Congratulations to Azunyan!

I’m still catching up with things like Comiket 78 material. So just dropped  by to say “welcome back” to myself.


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Touhou EWI 23

Another EWI from Winn, this time it’s the UFO cast, featuring Hijiri Byakuren. Must say the guy’s improving with each new EWI video. Enjoy~

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I’m still in the middle of getting all the Touhou albums from said Reitaisai, there’s still much to listen to, but I don’t really mind it. And onto business:

Yet another amazing vocal album where I wasn’t expecting much! I enjoyed almost every tracks, but some words on my favorites:

Track 1: Overcoming

A Lunatic princess arrange, sung by Mameko (haven’t really heard of her before). She has a very cool voice, and it sounds really good with this progressive rock-ish music.

Track 3: 晴れのちSunday (Sunny Sunday)

A quite lively arrange of Doll Judgement. Singer is Ne; on, I guess those familiar with her know what to expect.

Track 4: KIRA KIRA! melody

Phantom ensemble, even more hyper and happy-go-lucky than the previous. Sung by Sumomo (yet another singer I’m not very familiar) who has a cute, Miko-ish voice.

Track 8: 慟哭 (this one is too much for me to decode =))

Apparitions Stalk the Night arrange, by Fuki, she’s a cool singer. I really like Rumia, and there’s not many arranges of her theme, so this has to be my favorite on this album.


All this said, my favourite is track 8, followed by track 1.

You can find the album here, enjoy ~ze:


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Today, ZUN’s blog was updated, and it seems like he finally said OK to a Touhou animated series! Whether it is great or awful news, I still can’t decide. Anyways, I’m hoping this will not butcher the current Touhou fandom and fan franchise. The problem is, I still don’t know how well the games’ stories can be converted to anime format, so we will have to see it for ourselves. (see http://kourindou.exblog.jp/14643159/ for his blog entry)

Not much is know as of this point, but they will use some of the seiyuus from Maikaze’s previous anime project, and the Scarlet Devil Mansion will make appearance according to it. They said Reimu’s, Marisa’s and Remilia’s VAs are gonna be the same, namely:

  • Reimu Hakurei – Nakahara Mai
  • Marisa Kirisame – Sawashiro Miyuki
  • Remilia Scarlet – Tsuji Ayumi
  • So I thought the story would be probably about Embodiment of Scarlet Devil if they already have the seiyuu for Remilia, but then I’ve read Mima is making an appearance! Well it was also stated that the anime project will run for at least 4 seasons, so I wouldn’t be surprised if they told us the stories of various games.

    Also we can expect some remixes of the original themes, and I eagerly await them. ZUN mentioned Love Coloured Master Spark and Casket of the Stars have been rearranged by himself.

    As for its air-date, we only know that it will be coming out somewhere next year. I can hardly wait…

    PS: Happy April Fool’s day!

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