The guys responsible for Madoka Magica’s music are really doing a good job. First the Opening, Connect which was quite enjoyable, but now they released their true gem.

Okay, so one of the most magically badass songs ever, Madoka’s ending, Magia (from Kalafina) is out; and in good quality this time. I was probably waiting for this song the most this season.


You can download it here, I’m pretty sure much to your enjoyment:




Okay, this is just fucking badass. Ranked #5 on Nico’s daily rank when came out, and for a reason. Enjoy your apocalyptic vampire!

The long awaited opening single if finally out for Madoka Magica. It’s sung by ClariS, who also sang Ore no Imouto’s opening, Irony. I have to add she improved a lot since then, Connect is quite beautiful.

If anyone’s interested, here’s the single:


Well some may have noticed that I didn’t write all that often as of late, almost as if I didn’t have access to internet. Oh, but wait, that’s what actually happened. Let’s say it’s not healthy not to pay the bills, neither it is for your electricity nor for your net connection.  But I found a way to still be able to play,  but not to having net access. So I Capitalism, ho’d quite a lot! And stuff!

In the meantime it seems the world didn’t stop entirely, so summer and fall anime season eventually came, and Saimoe Tournament happened. Congratulations to Azunyan!

I’m still catching up with things like Comiket 78 material. So just dropped  by to say “welcome back” to myself.


GirlDeMo has released its (probably) last single, Little Braver. In memorial of Yui, let’s all enjoy the now songs to the fullest!

I hope she find happiness ;_;

You can follow this link for download:


The long awaited OP&ED single, “My Soul, Your Beats!” is out! It doesn’t disappoint me, though I was hoping for Yui’s rock version to be included =)

Anyways, you can find the file here


Summer is getting closer and closer, so here is the incomplete chart! I still don’t know whether this will be a good, or a very bad season, so I’ll wait for more information to decide. At least, there are more than one series that interests me.

~Kudos to chartfag~