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I’m still in the middle of getting all the Touhou albums from said Reitaisai, there’s still much to listen to, but I don’t really mind it. And onto business:

Yet another amazing vocal album where I wasn’t expecting much! I enjoyed almost every tracks, but some words on my favorites:

Track 1: Overcoming

A Lunatic princess arrange, sung by Mameko (haven’t really heard of her before). She has a very cool voice, and it sounds really good with this progressive rock-ish music.

Track 3: 晴れのちSunday (Sunny Sunday)

A quite lively arrange of Doll Judgement. Singer is Ne; on, I guess those familiar with her know what to expect.

Track 4: KIRA KIRA! melody

Phantom ensemble, even more hyper and happy-go-lucky than the previous. Sung by Sumomo (yet another singer I’m not very familiar) who has a cute, Miko-ish voice.

Track 8: 慟哭 (this one is too much for me to decode =))

Apparitions Stalk the Night arrange, by Fuki, she’s a cool singer. I really like Rumia, and there’s not many arranges of her theme, so this has to be my favorite on this album.


All this said, my favourite is track 8, followed by track 1.

You can find the album here, enjoy ~ze:



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I finally got around listening to Innocent Key’s new album, Touhou Celeb. Like usually, these are quite happy-go-lucky vocal arranges, but I like Innocent Key for these anyways. Though I didn’t like all the tracks, let me write a bit about some of those I did. By the way, I love the cover!

First track is Abunai Sisters, and if you’ve heard Touhou Sweets, you know what you should expect, just that this time it really is innocent. Love and Hug, Hug and Kisses was awesome. Remilia’s voice is beautiful, and Flan’s is extremely cute. Here’s the PV. I like Flandre’s little fan-service at 1:21.

The other one which comes with PV is Track 13, Usa Biizu e Youkoso. Well, this one is not so innocent (so more Innocent Key-like). It’s basically a dark conspiracy to get some dirty money using Reisen and Mokou’s body. So there are all kinds of music from Eien-tei playing!

And there are some more upbeat arranges I liked, Track 4 which is a Necrofantasia arrange, Track 6, an awesome Odenpa track, sung by miko(!), and I really liked Track 9’s Heian Alien bits.

You can find the album here:


(Credits to TetsuwanAtomFuu)

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This album totally surprised me, (in a level Kogasa yet have to master) turned out much better than expected. For starters, Track 1, the prologue totally blowed my mind. Awesome violin, and very good U.N. Owen arrange.  It’s one of the two non-vocal tracks (the other is Track 10, epilogue, which is a History of the Moon arrange).

The other vocal tracks are quite awesome themselves, especially Track 3 (Doll Judgement) and Track 8 (Septette, though the album cover says U.N. Owen, but it’s not) was to my liking. All in all, one very pleasant surprise, definitely recommended.

You can find the album here:


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Another album I was looking forward to (though nowadays I’m a bit skeptic when IOSYS is involved), and it didn’t let me down! Or desert me! Okay I know that was a very unfunny pun.

Now let’s see the tracklist.

Titles and vocals: 

star river - Asana
MILLION HIT PHANTASIA -   Fujiwara Marina, Yun
midnight lightning bolt - Takahashi Nana
世紀末ダウジング伝説 - Hirabuki Yuuko
one-sided love - ℃iel
天狗アイドル撮影会 ~Shoot the Dog Ear!! in 4F 小会議室 -
Nomiya Ayumi
ORANGE Express → 西ら-89b - Yun
紫雨UNITED まさかのアリス突撃編 - Ayu, Izabel, Iwasugi Natsu
この同人ゴロ!有明から出て行け!- Fujiwara Marina, Yun,
 Izabel, Iwasugi Natsu, Ayu, Yamamoto Momiji, Abe Kokoro
あのころの君と - Yamamoto Momiji, Ichinose Ruru
夢が終わるまでに - Witch
The Crystallized Ocean - Asana


01. Touhou Seirensen / Emotional Skyscraper ~ Cosmic Mind
02. Touhou Youyoumu / Necrofantasia
03. Touhou Youyoumu / Diao ye zong (Withered Leaf)
      Touhou Youyoumu / Charming Domination
04. Touhou Seirensen / A Tiny, Tiny, Clever Commander
      Touhou Seirensen / At the End of Spring
05. Touhou Youyoumu / Ghostly Band ~ Phantom Ensemble
06. Touhou Bunkachou / Wind God Girl
07. Touhou Youyoumu / Diao ye zong (Withered Leaf)
08. Touhou Koumakyou / Locked Girl ~ The Girl's Secret Room
      Touhou Youyoumu / Doll Judgment
      Touhou Eiyashou / Love-coloured Master Spark
09. Touhou Koumakyou / Locked Girl ~ The Girl's Secret Room
      Touhou Youyoumu / Doll Judgment
      Touhou Youyoumu / Ultimate Truth
      Touhou Eiyashou / Love-coloured Master Spark
      Touhou Fuujinroku / The Venerable Ancient Battlefield
10. Touhou Youyoumu / Bloom nobly, cherry blossoms of Sumizome
11. Touhou Koumakyou / Apparitions Stalk the Night
      Touhou Koumakyou / Beloved Tomboyish Girl
      Touhou Eiyashou / Stirring an Autumn Moon ~ Mooned Insect
      Touhou Fuujinroku / Because Princess Inada Is Scolding Me
      Touhou Chireiden / The Sealed-Away Youkai ~ Lost Place
12. Touhou Youyoumu / Paradise ~ Deep Mountain
      Touhou Youyoumu / Crystallized Silver


The first track is a generic Cosmic mind vocal track, done right. Not as good as Sound Online’s Hydrangea for example, but still good. The high pitched sound effects worked quite well.

Second track is a strange IOSYS-ish Necrofantasia, something about genius Yukari, money and stuff. It was fun listening to it once, but not particularly good.

As for the third track, I usually like Takahashi Nana’s style with her engrish, but this time I didn’t like it much. And the same could be said about track four, I’m a sucker for Nazrin’s theme (and stage theme), but this was just no-like.

Fifth is a Phantom Ensemble vocal track, which is rare by itself, and it comes with Ciel vocal! Also, it’s very nicely done. I enjoyed this track back and fourth.

Sixth track. Easy going and fun Wind God Girl, IOSYS is good at making these. And as I mentioned earlier, I can’t resist Aya’s themes, not nowadays, much thanks to Double Spoiler.

I really don’t have much good to say about seventh track.

Eight is Touhou rap style again, this time girls being the singers! I loved it for some unknown reason, though generally I’m not for rap.

Ninth is more like a Drama CD track with some vocal moments, which I enjoyed, but definitely not a track to put in my playlist.

Tenth track was pretty avarage, the pitch was a bit too high for this track in my opinion.

Now there’s track eleven. I love it, I love all of the original tracks, and Apparitions stalk the night and Lost place are pretty rare. Guitar was badass, I loved Witch’s voice (though I haven’t heard her name before, but looking forward to her songs in the future), and it was an amazing crossfade altogether. Thank you IOSYS.

Finally the last track was good for an epilogue, but I have to admit I didn’t like it much.

So Touhou Crystallized Ocean was a very enjoyable album, with some very high quality tracks this time. Highly recommended. If I’d have to give it a score it would be somewhere between 9 and 10, leaning toward the latter.

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I was looking forward to Silver Forest’s release, and I got my hands on the first disc and though I’d share my opinions on the track I liked. Let’s get started.

The first track is called “オレの妹がこんなに可愛いはずがない!”, sung by Sayuri and Natsumi (i love both of them) and it’s a mix of U.N. Owen and Septette, the latter dominates throughout IMO. Overly cute lyrics, but I don’t mind hearing it from the Scarlet sisters.

Second track named “オサレ系邪気眼厨二病 少女さとり” and it’s sung by Natsumi and miko! It’s very miko-ish, and even Rin comes into the song to nyaa at us! 

Moving forward here’s track seven, “恋恋。新聞 春号”.  Its original is Mysterious Mountain, but it’s a bit hard to recognize. I didn’t like this as much as the other, but it’s Aya, and these days I eat up everything related to her!

And thirteenth is some kind of an extra track, from Cosmic mind, but I’m not sure who are singing it. It’s not as happy-go-lucky as their other vocals this far. Loved it too.

Well these are the remixes I added to my playlist from their first disc, but the originals were quite okay too. Altogether it scores a 9.

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As I can’t think of any posts worthy of writing, I think I’ll just do a quick translate on my last post. So post is basically my opinion about the new Touhou albums which I’ve already checked.

Well, let’s start on Aira Rythem (it’s really not my type of music, and it doesn’t sound too professional; 3)

 COOL&CREATE (there is really not much new on this one, my score 6.5 mostly due to nostalgia) 

Sharp Eight (not my type again, but I still liked these guys’ stuff; 6)

 Shinigawa Satellite (a bit monotonic, but certainly not bad; 7)

 SYNC.ART’S (only four tracks, but they’re good; 8.5)

ALiCE’S EMOTiON (it varies very much, but the good tracks dominate; 8)

Cis-Trance (once again, really not my favourite kind of music, but they did a good job; 6)

ROLLING*STAR (all songs are quite similar instrument-wise, but it deserves a 7)

Capriciosa Gand (this one here is…Touhou rap, it’s so absurd I had to give it 7.5)

And there’s this album, songs from various artists going by the name ”流麗祭彩2” ^^”  (I liked this the most from those I’ve heard this far; 9)

These opinions are SO subjective, sometimes even I don’t agree with them. Anyways, I yet have to get my hands on the most anticipated albums.

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Nos, amiket eddig beszereztem, és meghallgattam, azok az Aira Rythem (nem az én műfajom, és nem tűnik olyan professzinálisnak; 3)

 COOL&CREATE (eléggé újrahasznosított album, nosztalgia és egy-két újdonság miatt kap 6.5-öt)

Sharp Eight (szintén nem múfaj, de egész jók a srácok; 6)

 Shinigawa Satellite (kicsit monoton, de nem rossz; 7)

 SYNC.ART’S (írtam, kevés track, de elég jó; 8.5)

ALiCE’S EMOTiON (ebből van ilyen is, olyan is, de a kellemes trackek miatt 8)

Cis-Trance (nem műfaj, de professzionális; 6)

ROLLING*STAR (szintén elég egykaptafa, viszont egy 7-est kap ez is)

Capriciosa Gand albumok (hát ez…Touhou rap, annyira abszurd, hogy 7.5)

valamint egy gyűjtemény több kör műveiből, ami a “流麗祭彩2” nevet kapta ^^”  (ezutóbbi ér egy 9-et a jelenlegi felhozatalban)

A személyes preferenciámat zárójelben láthatjátok pontozással, 1-10es skálán. A nagy ágyúk még mindig hátravannak. 🙂

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