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So, here’s the future of RTS gaming, gone strictly professional, by Blizzard. Watch as the bests of two nations clash in a milestone battle of technology!


“We’re proud to present the next step in the evolution of the StarCraft series… and Blizzard Entertainment’s long-awaited return to the console scene. Check out our new game information page for all the details, and get ready to fight for control of the Koprulu Sector like never before!”


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Here’s an alternate version of Madoka’s OP I liked in particular, with Flandre as Madoka. Hope you guys enjoy it.

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Well some may have noticed that I didn’t write all that often as of late, almost as if I didn’t have access to internet. Oh, but wait, that’s what actually happened. Let’s say it’s not healthy not to pay the bills, neither it is for your electricity nor for your net connection.  But I found a way to still be able to play,  but not to having net access. So I Capitalism, ho’d quite a lot! And stuff!

In the meantime it seems the world didn’t stop entirely, so summer and fall anime season eventually came, and Saimoe Tournament happened. Congratulations to Azunyan!

I’m still catching up with things like Comiket 78 material. So just dropped  by to say “welcome back” to myself.


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Touhou EWI 23

Another EWI from Winn, this time it’s the UFO cast, featuring Hijiri Byakuren. Must say the guy’s improving with each new EWI video. Enjoy~

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Random TK epicness

I’m not sure why I’m posting this, but here it is, anyways, Flying TK. 

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