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The guys responsible for Madoka Magica’s music are really doing a good job. First the Opening, Connect which was quite enjoyable, but now they released their true gem.

Okay, so one of the most magically badass songs ever, Madoka’s ending, Magia (from Kalafina) is out; and in good quality this time. I was probably waiting for this song the most this season.


You can download it here, I’m pretty sure much to your enjoyment:




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GirlDeMo has released its (probably) last single, Little Braver. In memorial of Yui, let’s all enjoy the now songs to the fullest!

I hope she find happiness ;_;

You can follow this link for download:


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The long awaited OP&ED single, “My Soul, Your Beats!” is out! It doesn’t disappoint me, though I was hoping for Yui’s rock version to be included =)

Anyways, you can find the file here


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The second single of Girls Dead Monster is out – this time featuring Yui. So far the only song I really like is Thousand Enemies, but the other songs sound quite good too, it just takes some listening to get to like them I suppose.

Dem thighs *_*

Enjoy Yui’s GirlDeMo!


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Touhou EWI 23

Another EWI from Winn, this time it’s the UFO cast, featuring Hijiri Byakuren. Must say the guy’s improving with each new EWI video. Enjoy~

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All songs which Girls Dead Monster played this far is out! Alchemy, Alchemy~

Though my favorite is Crow Song by far.

Anyways, enjoy, you can download it here:


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I’m still in the middle of getting all the Touhou albums from said Reitaisai, there’s still much to listen to, but I don’t really mind it. And onto business:

Yet another amazing vocal album where I wasn’t expecting much! I enjoyed almost every tracks, but some words on my favorites:

Track 1: Overcoming

A Lunatic princess arrange, sung by Mameko (haven’t really heard of her before). She has a very cool voice, and it sounds really good with this progressive rock-ish music.

Track 3: 晴れのちSunday (Sunny Sunday)

A quite lively arrange of Doll Judgement. Singer is Ne; on, I guess those familiar with her know what to expect.

Track 4: KIRA KIRA! melody

Phantom ensemble, even more hyper and happy-go-lucky than the previous. Sung by Sumomo (yet another singer I’m not very familiar) who has a cute, Miko-ish voice.

Track 8: 慟哭 (this one is too much for me to decode =))

Apparitions Stalk the Night arrange, by Fuki, she’s a cool singer. I really like Rumia, and there’s not many arranges of her theme, so this has to be my favorite on this album.


All this said, my favourite is track 8, followed by track 1.

You can find the album here, enjoy ~ze:


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