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The long awaited OP&ED single, “My Soul, Your Beats!” is out! It doesn’t disappoint me, though I was hoping for Yui’s rock version to be included =)

Anyways, you can find the file here



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Summer chart – so far

Summer is getting closer and closer, so here is the incomplete chart! I still don’t know whether this will be a good, or a very bad season, so I’ll wait for more information to decide. At least, there are more than one series that interests me.

~Kudos to chartfag~

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The second single of Girls Dead Monster is out – this time featuring Yui. So far the only song I really like is Thousand Enemies, but the other songs sound quite good too, it just takes some listening to get to like them I suppose.

Dem thighs *_*

Enjoy Yui’s GirlDeMo!


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Well, for me it would be Tenshi (goes without saying) and Yui; I like her succubus design, and she’s crazy! Okay, that’s not neccesarily a good thing, but oh well. And that guitar.

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