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Touhou EWI 23

Another EWI from Winn, this time it’s the UFO cast, featuring Hijiri Byakuren. Must say the guy’s improving with each new EWI video. Enjoy~


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Another Angel Beats! post. Well, new this episode gave us a new OP, with visuals featuring Yui. It’s still the same song in general though, just a guitar/rock arrange. Yui-nyan FTW, I’m starting to believe she will have some actual role later on.

You can watch it here

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All songs which Girls Dead Monster played this far is out! Alchemy, Alchemy~

Though my favorite is Crow Song by far.

Anyways, enjoy, you can download it here:


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Random TK epicness

I’m not sure why I’m posting this, but here it is, anyways, Flying TK. 

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I’m still in the middle of getting all the Touhou albums from said Reitaisai, there’s still much to listen to, but I don’t really mind it. And onto business:

Yet another amazing vocal album where I wasn’t expecting much! I enjoyed almost every tracks, but some words on my favorites:

Track 1: Overcoming

A Lunatic princess arrange, sung by Mameko (haven’t really heard of her before). She has a very cool voice, and it sounds really good with this progressive rock-ish music.

Track 3: 晴れのちSunday (Sunny Sunday)

A quite lively arrange of Doll Judgement. Singer is Ne; on, I guess those familiar with her know what to expect.

Track 4: KIRA KIRA! melody

Phantom ensemble, even more hyper and happy-go-lucky than the previous. Sung by Sumomo (yet another singer I’m not very familiar) who has a cute, Miko-ish voice.

Track 8: 慟哭 (this one is too much for me to decode =))

Apparitions Stalk the Night arrange, by Fuki, she’s a cool singer. I really like Rumia, and there’s not many arranges of her theme, so this has to be my favorite on this album.


All this said, my favourite is track 8, followed by track 1.

You can find the album here, enjoy ~ze:


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Arakawa Under the Bridge:

Meet Ichinomiya Ko, an elite of society, the firstborn son of a crazy aristocrat family and very proud of being independent, not having to rely on anyone. Well this ends when one day he’s trying to get back his pants which was stolen and made into something like a nice flag on a bridge. Anyways he falls from the bridge, and a girl saves him. Now he’s indebted to her. If it wasn’t bad enough by itself, the girl named Nino claims to be a Venusian, and her wish is for him to be her lover. Things happen, and he has to stay there, then somehow a “kappa” appears and other crazy stuff happens. Very typical SHAFT humour throughout, but done well; the first episode got me entertained.


There’s nothing much to write about this one, generally the same thing as K-On was. Yui is now a senior at high school, so it’s their last year there, except Azunyan. So they try to get some new members so that Azusa won’t be alone once they graduate, but you can already guess whether they succeed or not.  The art improved a bit, the OP was quite…revolting (though have to admit it by now I can ACTUALLY ENJOY that too) and the ED was once again quite good.

Mayoi Neko Overrun:

Well it was basically “getting as much cliches as we can in one episode”. The characters are a very generic male lead; a tsundere childhood friend (at least the guy actually know the fact she is tsundere); a loli who is a high schooler, but looks like a grade schooler, also a tsundere; a caring big sister. And lastly I don’t know how often it happens in Japan, but they find a cat, who is actually a cat-girl, who will be living with the guy I guess. OP and ED were cute.

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B Gata H Kei:

A story about a high school girl who wants to have 100 casual sex partners. No, this is not even remotely a hentai, so as you could have guessed, it won’t be that easy. More like, impossible, as she lacks experience, and can actually freak out at times. It’s supposed to be a comedy-ecchi, but first episode lacked fan-service and it was only moderately funny. I’ll keep watching for a while in hopes it’ll get better, and Tamura Yukari as the main actress’ seiyuu helps a lot. 5.5/10.

Angel Beats!:

Hyped like hell, but first episode didn’t live up to the hype. We have a setting where people are dead, but a small group led by Haruhi Yuri keeps fighting in order not to admit to being dead. If they don’t constantly troll the normals of the world, a girl called Tenshi /angel/ will reduce their presence to NPCs. By the way, Tenshi is a badass terminator with a handblade that deflects ammos into binary numbers. And of course, all of them are high-schoolers. First episode had its moments, and there were both amazing eye-candy visualy as well as some QUALITY. I hope things will start heating up, and the slow start was only due to the introduction of a bit too much characters in one episode. 7/10.


A very generic slice of life comedy revolving around a very not generic restaurant’s workers. The midget Popura (who didn’t grow tall despite being named after a tall tree) needs to find someone who’d help out at the restaurant, and she happens to bump into the minicon (go figure) Takanashi Souta, who – swayed by her short reality – decides on helping her out, and starts working in the res called Wagnaria, where there are a bunch of creeps  interesting people working, including some man-phobic girl, an “I-don’t fucking care” manager. Lighthearted, but fun after first episode, 8/10.

Ichiban Ushiro no Daimaou:

The story is about a guy who wants to be a great magician, and be very moralfag about that. But when he takes his aptitude test, the result says his future occupation happens to be a Devil-king. Oh shi- Well, one of the girls, Hattori Junko (who was already becoming friendly with him) doesn’t like this idea, not one bit, so she becomes very tsun-tsun. But there are other girls who somehow get into touch with him for different reasons. Okay, I was a bit too subjective on this one, it’s not actually that bad, but I’m not interested in it at the moment. If you look at the scan above you can guess the fan-service level in the show.


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